Here at John Barton Photos, we value our customers/clients comments and feedback. Here are some of our recent customers/clients comments about their Wedding and Landscape photos. If you are looking at this site and would like to leave a comment, it's easy go to contact us via email on the left side of the page, we would love to hear you.

Jess Lucas Perrin
Love all our beautiful photo's.
Thanks for being so easy going on our big day!
Highly recommend you!

Kay McElwaine
Thank you sooooooo much John and Amy!!!! We could not be more pleased with your efforts on our day! Great work!

Georgie Short
Great pics John x

Nicole Guy
Thanks John. We are so happy with everything you done for us on our big day. Thank you.

Phil Mace
Many a great pic and grand memories, thanx so much for being a part of our special day, cheers

Amy Cudlin
They're awesome! We do have a beautiful world & what better way is there to catch it at it's best....great pics.

Karen Mullard

Bridget Bebber
Amazing photos John brings back wonderful memories

Fay O'connor
I just love your beautiful photos John

Jess Burgess
Thank you John- I can't wait to see all the great photos, it was great to have you apart of our day

photo 1b